Take Your Time

by Steve Hanson In Transit

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Written in 2008 by Stephen Hanson, this recording was started and completed in the first half of February 2013.


As you get into bed so late tonight
You wonder if your stress is for someone’s spite
You hate to see your friends always fight
Always over nothing, with no end in sight

But just close your eyes
And dream of better nights

Everything will be all right |
If today fucked up tomorrow can make it right |
And everything will be all right | Chorus
So lay to rest you stressed out mind |
And when you wake up remember: take your time |

Today was as no good as the day before
The same old bullshit came through the door
And right at the time you wanted quiet most
At the end of the day you’re about to explode

Take these words of mine
And let them heal your mind


You solve one issue only to see one more
Why this always happens you never know
But eventually things will calm down
So for now keep both feet on the ground

So just close your eyes
And dream of better nights



released 14 February 2013
Drums - samples from Garage Band
Bass, Guitar, Vocals & MIDI woodwinds by Steve Hanson In Transit



all rights reserved


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